Armenia’s New Gun Law Passed in Parliament

The new Gun Law will introduce developed gun control measures to regulate the manufacture, sale, transfer, possession, modification, or use of firearms. The new measures will set in place more stringent measures for first-time gun buyers, at the same time enabling long-time lawful gun owners with broader opportunities.

What is new?
– The law sets a minimum age requirement to 21 from the current 18 for individuals who want to buy a rifle.
– Handguns and automatic firearms will continue to be banned for civilians.
– Civilians will still be able to buy only semi-automatic rifles or shotguns.
– First-time buyers will be required to successfully pass a training and safety exam before receiving a license/certificate on acquiring a firearm for a 10-year term.
– Within 10 years, according to the certificate, a citizen can purchase a new gun, but with each new purchase, he/she will have to undergo a new medical examination.
– The previous law allowed civilians to own 3 rifles and 5 shotguns, but these limits will be changed to 10 unspecified units, meaning the buyer is free to own a total of 10 firearms of their choice.
– Civilians are allowed to open-carry shotguns and rifles only in designated areas, such as hunting locations.