The regulatory environment of the gaming industry is characterized by overlapping jurisdictional oversights, different legal frameworks for different types of games and platforms, and a maze of regulations to decode. Hence, having success in the gaming industry is not a result of luck, but a result of accurate knowledge of the specific market, of innovative ideas, of effort, and of legal expertise. Our deep knowledge of the sector allows us to advise our partners on how to recognize, protect and optimize their opportunities within this shifting landscape on both national and global level. We can help you with your domestic legal and business issues and any problems you may encounter; for example, during new market access and during the concession awarding processes. Meanwhile, we acknowledge not only the law associated with the entertainment industry but more importantly, we understand the business behind it and give original business solutions to existing problems. Our team of trusted advisers usually support private equity firms and private investors on gambling products, licensing and regulatory matters and give business advice related both online and land-based casinos, in Armenia and globally.

Our services:

  • Gambling and betting consulting
  • Acquisition and licensing
  • Liaising with the lotteries and gaming authority
  • Development, distribution, licensing and publishing agreements
  • Drafting contracts with hosts and service providers, service and indemnification agreements
  • Negotiation and interpretation of collective bargaining agreements
  • Sponsorship, promotional, advertising, and branding agreements
  • Website terms and transfer of technology agreements
  • Data Privacy