International influences and globalization continue to shift economic development in Armenia and around the world. Companies are seeking to enhance their performance, expand and gain access to new markets. Meanwhile, national security reviews of foreign direct investment are becoming more prevalent and more stringent, and can play a critical role in cross-border transactions. Our experienced advisers are well attuned to our partners’ business needs and have unique experience of providing comprehensive legal support for FDI projects both in Armenia and worldwide. We participate in development and implementation of the most sensitive and complex multi-faced investment projects by advising on the full spectrum of legal and business considerations for FDI activities, including mergers and acquisitions, international tax issues, tax efficient financing structures, financings. With a deep understanding of the relevant laws and regulations, as well as with our everyday business support, we assist our partners to avoid legal and business risks during FDI project, everywhere in the world.

Our services:

  • Acquiring stock in a foreign and local companies
  • Investment Funds
  • Consortium arrangements
  • Joint ventures with foreign corporations
  • Secondary transactions
  • FDI clearance
  • Provide clear, commercial advice on foreign investment control risk at the outset of a deal and offer innovative solutions to deliver a successful outcome on a global level
  • Work with advisers to ensure that foreign investment aspects of the transaction are integrated into the deal and strategy
  • Offer clients a one-stop-shop for handling both foreign investment and merger control: A single point of contact, providing efficiencies and transparency
  • Co-ordinate and make notifications to the regulatory authorities around the globe, providing a consistent and coherent approach and leveraging on our strong relationships with the regulators
  • Gather evidence, effectively mesh economic and legal arguments and deploy advocacy skills to achieve clearance