Along with the emergence of the knowledge economy, when intangible assets have become of higher importance, Redbridge undertakes to protect our partners’ ideas, technology, products and brands worldwide. We help partners protect their market position and maximize their intellectual property by offering a full range of legal services on the acquisition, enforcement and commercialization of intellectual property and technology assets. Advisers at Redbridge are ready to help in registering, prosecuting and maintaining trade marks, patents for inventions, utility models and industrial designs, and managing international portfolios of these rights.

Our services:

  • Intellectual property, trademark and copyright license
  • Agreements, assignment and pledge agreements
  • Advising on intellectual property matters, acquisition of rights and registration
  • Structuring, appraisal and due diligence of intellectual property objects
  • IP right management
  • IP transactions
  • IP tax interface
  • Trademark prosecution
  • Trademark strategy and counseling
  • Brand enforcement and strategic advice
  • Copyright transactions
  • Patent prosecution
  • Patent strategy and counseling
  • Data protection and security