There is no doubt that legislation and policy decisions impact business even more profoundly than court judgments. It affects literally every sector and influences companies’ every-day and even strategic decisions. Moreover, political resistance towards a good, service or activity significantly affects the market, which can threaten the interests of our partners. We have exceptional experience of protecting partners interests on a large scale, by representing national, regional and municipal authorities at all levels and help to accomplish their business goals through PPP projects. Advisers in Redbridge are actively involved in shaping the ways that public bodies and private sector entities partner together and provide careful analysis of the long-term development objectives and risk allocation. We advise on every legal and business aspect from procurement strategy, tax structuring, contractual documentation and risk allocation to finance structuring.

Our services:

  • Structuring PPPs
  • PPP and infrastructure, including privatization and state investment
  • Preparing risk allocation matrix
  • Assisting in public tenders
  • Drafting project agreements (including By-Laws of SPV and shareholders agreements, concession agreements, EPC, O&M and PPA)
  • Structuring and drafting security package (including sponsor support agreements, direct agreements, pledge agreements, and buy option agreements)
  • Ownership/partnership planning, structuring and procurement strategies
  • Assisting during operation as to contracts implementation and compliance
  • First Source Agreements
  • Permits and authorizations
  • Procurement strategy
  • Public and Mixed Entities/Structures
  • RFP & Contract Finalization
  • Developing strategic plans
  • Drafting and developing legislation that meets the needs of your organization
  • Government contracts, including structuring teams and consortia; assisting clients with evaluating and responding to government solicitations and preparing oral presentations, legal analysis and advocacy before selection committees and administrative personnel