What’s New on the Armenian Security Market?

The stock market brings together, interacts with, and transacts with many market makers. Stock market allows for the price discovery of corporate shares and serve as an economic barometer. The Armenia Securities Exchange (AMX) is the only regulated security market operator in Armenia. Here are some recent developments on the stock market:

  • Standard & Poor’s (S&P) Global Ratings assigns “B+” long-term foreign – and local-currency sovereign credit ratings to Armenia.
  • For the second consecutive year, AMX has been recognized as the “Best Securities Exchange in South Caucasus 2021”by Global Banking and Finance Review.
  • AMX has developed and for the first time in the region introduced corporate bond exchange indices on a daily basis. Indices can be used by investors to get information on the overall market picture, for risk and portfolio analysis, fund performance evaluation, as well as comparative analysis.
  • For the first time ever, the bonds listed on the AMX have been cross listed on the Moscow Exchange Market (MOEX).
  • The income earned from the listed bonds are tax-free. As a result of the tax reform, the corporate bond market has been developed significantly. In terms of both the quantity of listed bonds and the volume of transactions the bond market becomes active than ever.